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Our offer for Uniroyal Winter tyres

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About Uniroyal Winter Tyres Manufacturer

The United States Rubber Company (Uniroyal) is one of the leading American tyre manufacturing company. This tyre company was founded in 1892 in Naugatuck in Connecticut. It became Uniroyal Inc. in 1961. The French tyre manufacturer Michelin acquired Uniroyal in 1990. There are all types of tyres made by Uniroyal to suit the needs of all types of passenger car models and brands. The Uniroyal winter tyres are the most dependable and the right tyres that suit all types of cars and vehicles. These snow tyres made by the company have an experience of 125 years behind them and therefore the quality and the precision of the tyres is second to none.

Uniroyal run flat winter tires

The Advantages Of Using Uniroyal Winter Tyres For Your Cars

The main problem that car owners find with traditional tyres during winter is to stop or turn the vehicle. This can be easily corrected by using the right ice tyres on the car. The Uniroyal winter tyre has deep grooves that will channel out the snow and slush from its surface quickly. This ensures that more of the tyre will be in contact with the road in the bad weather conditions. These snowy tyres are made using the soft rubber compound. These tyres are specially designed to offer better road grip and traction during the wintry conditions. The quality ice tyres from Uniroyal makes sure that you can stop or steer your vehicle on the toughest winter conditions with ease. These quality snow tyres also offer very low rolling resistance and thereby the fuel efficiency of the vehicle improves.

The Key Features Of Uniroyal Winter Tyres

There are quite a lot of features that the Uniroyal winter tyres offer. You can buy these tyres at attractive prices from reliable online store Tyres-outlet.co.uk.

  • These tyres fitting all types of wheel sizes from 13 to 19 inches. They are made using numerous sipes on the surface of the tread to offer improved snow road traction.
  • There are 3D interlocking shoulder sipes as well as wide tread blocks to improve the road traction and grip.
  • The use of modern winter compound technology of these snow tyres for sale will offer the necessary flexibility that the tyre needs at the lower temperatures.
  • They are very quiet and comfortable tyres and will last a long time. The tread pattern of the tyre is such that it easily bites into the snow.