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Our offer for Hankook Winter tyres

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About Hankook And Insight Into Hankook Winter Tyres

The Hankook tyre group is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in South Korea. It is based in Seoul and was founded in the year 1941. The headquarters of the Hankook tyres is located in Gangnam-GU in Seoul in South Korea. It started as a Chosun tyre company and got christened as Hankook tyre manufacturing in 1968. Its reputation worldwide grew after it produced bias-ply and radial tyres. It is one of the major suppliers of tyres for various auto makers and these tyres are used as original equipment. The Hankook winter tyres are known to offer very good snow road stability and braking. These snow road tyres are made to suit all kinds of passenger cars and SUVs.

Hankook Winter Tires

The Features Of Hankook Winter Tyres

The most popular wintertime tyre from Hankook is the Winter i'cept RS 2. These tyres are designed so that it offers optimum performance on snow and ice roads. It offers excellent grip and traction when moving at decent speeds on snow-covered roads. These ice tyres for sale reduce the carbon emissions and also boost the fuel economy of the vehicle. They are always in contact with the ground and the road and thereby the Hankook winter tyres will offer better grip while cornering.

  • The four channeled straight grooves ensure that the water and the slush do not stick to the surface of these snow road tyres.
  • The snow traction performance is enhanced with the zigzag center grooves.
  • There are arranged kerfs on the outer edges of the tyres to offer very good road grip on the slippery surfaces.

Why Buy Quality Hankook Winter Tyres?

These are the right winter tyres that are optimized to deliver top end performance on snow and ice-covered roads. They have the necessary grooves and sipes design to accommodate the snow and ice and to spit it out from its surface without causing any discomfort or inconvenience to the passengers. The drivers will enjoy very good road and steering stability when using the Hankook winter tyres. The pitch sequence of these quality winter tyres is optimized to ensure very low rolling resistance and low noise. These tyres are made to suit the varying wheel and rim sizes of your cars. To buy the right quality and quality snow tyres, you need to shop at online store Tyres-outlet.co.uk.