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Our offer for Debica Winter tyres

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A Peep Into Debica Winter Tyres Manufacturer

The Debica tyre company started in the year 1937 in Poland. The main investor in this tyre company now is the Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company. It staked the claim in Debica tyres from 1995. The Debica tyres are one of the largest tyre manufacturers in Europe and also have one of the largest factories among the Goodyear concerns. These tyres are sold all over Europe and also in 60 other countries around the world. The Debica winter tyres are well known tyres with M+S marking and also come with snowflake symbol. These snow tyres are specifically designed to offer great comfort, wet traction and grip on all types of winter road conditions.

Debica run flat winter tires

Frigo 2 - A Solid All Round Debica Winter Tyre

This is the most popular Debica winter tyre that is designed to suit compact, mid-sized and compact cars. These ice tyres are the ones that are made to offer an excellent driver and passenger comfort on winter roads. They are offered at a competitive price from the popular online store Tyres-outlet.co.uk.

  • The tyre carries a winter road suitable tyre compound composition that offers great flexibility during the low temperatures.
  • There are a wide range of thread blades that ensure a great grip on the snow and ice-covered roads.
  • There are an increased number of lateral grooves and circumferential grooves that will easily repel the water and ice from the surface of the tyre.

Frigo HP2 – High Performance Debica Winter Tyres

The Frigo HP2 is an upgraded version of the Frigo icy tyres. They are made to suit the wheels of the high-performance cars. They are made using the advanced technology and solutions to ensure perfect and dynamic driving on the wintry roads. These high quality winter tyres offer decent mileage at a competitive price.

  • The tread design of these snowy tyres comes with the right amount of sipes and grooves to offer the right biting edges for the snowy roads. The decent spread of biting edges will make sure that the tyre has a firm grip on the snow and ice roads.
  • The sipes are self-locking and they grip onto the snow to offer excellent grip and traction on the snow.
  • The tread blocks are towering and rose to offer better fuel efficiency and long lasting tyre mileage.