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Our offer for Continental Winter tyres

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About Continental Group And Intro To Continental Winter Tyres

Continental is the leading tyre manufacturing company in Europe and it is located in Hanover Germany. It was founded in 1871 and started with manufacturing of rubber. It is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. Apart from the tyres, the Continental AG also manufactures automotive parts like powertrain, brake systems, interior electronics, and tachographs. There are over 235,000 employees working in the Continental AG. The Continental winter tyres are the right tyres that offer quality braking characteristics on snowy and icy roads. These snow tyres are designed to offer top-end safety for the driver and the passengers in the car.

Continental run flat winter tyres

What Are The Benefits Of Using Continental Winter Tyres?

The Continental winter tyres are made to meet the vagaries of the wintry road conditions. These ice tyres are made using soft rubber compound so that they offer comfortable and strong grip on the roads. The car will not skid or roll over when moving at decent speeds on snowy roads. By increasing the traction between the tyre and the road, these quality tyres will ensure shorter braking characteristics. This is a very good feature on these feature rich snow tyres for sale.

Different Types Of Continental Winter Tyres

There are two popular types of Continental winter tyres that are on sale at Tyres-outlet.co.uk.

WinterContact TS860

  • This is the right snow tyre designed to meet any wintry conditions.
  • They offer complete safety for the compact and mid-sized vehicles running on wintry road conditions.
  • The cool chili feature makes sure that the braking performance is at its right on snow and ice roads.
  • The snow curve+ technology ensures that the tyre stays on the snowy roads during cornering at medium speeds.
  • The liquid layer drainage technology of these wintry road condition tyres will shorten the braking distances on snow clad and frost covered roads.
WinterContact TS830P
  • These high-performance winter tyres suit all kinds of luxury and large-sized cars.
  • The tread pattern carries high blocks at the center and also has a wide variety of sipes to offer maximum grip on the snowy roads.
  • The larger and bigger tread blocks and sipes also ensurethat the tyres have shorter braking distance on icy and wet roads.
  • The even pressure of the Continental winter tyres on the roads and block stiffness ensures even wear of the tyre and thereby tyre mileage is improved.