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Tyres – renowned tyre brands at discount prices

Finding the right car tyres is essential to ensuring high levels of safe and comfortable driving. This is why at tyres-outlet.co.uk online store we stock all of the most popular tyre brands just for you. No matter what size or purpose tyres you need, we are here to offer you the best and widest choice to select from. This means that not only can you can shop for the more well-known brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Continental tyres but also from dozens of other tyre manufacturers. Our aim is to bring you all of your favourite tyre makers at prices that you can afford. Additionally, we also stock a selection of wheels and rims all at budget prices. We can even help you with tyre fitting as part of our customer service. We also offer fast delivery straight to your door for our full product range. To help you find the right tyres for you right now just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the right size
  2. Choose your preferred wheels
  3. Place your order and save

From wheels for your SUV to your motorcycle or passenger car, we offer you a vast product range, which even includes rims. If you would like, you can opt for one of our complete wheel and rim packages as well. Alternatively, there are plenty of speciality and motorbike wheels for you to choose from. Just be sure to select the correct width, height, and diameter as part of your tyre search.

Tips for buying new car wheels online

However, there are several other key factors that come into play during the selection process. You will need to choose the right wheel type as well. As such, you will want to decide whether you are looking for wheels for summer, winter, or year-round all-season use. Also note that can opt for run-flat wheels, which keep you protected and make it easier for you to get to the next workshop in case of a tyre emergency. Last but not least, your budget will also play a role. If price is a prime concern in your selection procedure, then some of our extremely affordable Chinese tyre brands might be of interest. After all, there are many tyre makers from Asia that are known for their quality wheels at incredibly low prices.

Be sure to also check the detail on the tyre EU labelling. This gives you further information to support your final purchase decision. If you like to enjoy a fast and sports driving style, the maximum allowed speed will play a crucial role, too. So be sure to check the maximum speeds and load index of your chosen wheels. In addition, these aspects should be considered as well:

  • Rolling resistance
  • Breaking distance
  • Noise level

To help you decide we also provide free detailed tyre test results. These show you how these wheels really perform on different types of road surfaces. Thanks to lots of honest customer ratings, we are able to provide you with this first-hand feedback.

Prices include VAT and delivery within mainland UK (excl. Scottish Highlands).