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Motorbike Tyres: Racing

Motorbike Tyres: Racing Range For Adventurous Ride

Do you want to enjoy the real fun of adventurous bike riding? The range of racing motorbike tyres must be browsed in order to grab that thrilling ride. A number of brands deal with motorbike tyres: racing variety to offer a superior grip and stability on tough off-road tracks. The racing tyres are exclusively crafted for the motorbikes used by racing enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best racing tyres.

Reliable Motorbike Tyres: Racing Category

When it comes to selecting the flawless racing tyres, a rider looks for various factors. Grip, stability, reliability and durability are the key elements that must be considered for selecting the right product. While searching through the racing category of motorbike tyres, you will also come across a massive variety. Some of the highlighted products are presented here for your guidance:

  • AM18 – Super Venom – This amazing product from motorbike tyres: racing range is from the house of Avon tyres. It is an ideal tyre for heavier bikes. Comprising of the heavier compound for the rear tyre, the compound for the front tyre is soft. Moreover, the tread contour is well-crafted to produce the biggest footprint (whatever the lean angle).
  • KR 106 and KR 108 – These premium race winning tyres are designed by the skilled engineers of Dunlop. Used by world’s top class professional and track day riders, these racing tyres consist of Multi-Tread technology that ensures enhanced traction, braking, and stability.
  • Racetec RR Compk Slick – The Metzeler’s racing tyre is an ultimate product for amateur and track day riders. Equipped with Metzeler Interact technology, the tread contour has an improved agility as well as facilitates riders with premium easiness. And the profiles, geometries and structural material of this tyre are quite similar to street legal tyres. So, a rider can easily have transition between open roads sports riding and circuit riding.

At tyres-outlet.co,uk, you will be served with a wide motorbike tyres: racing variety. Whatever is your desired racing tyre, we have a collection that caters every consumer’s needs. So, log into our store and place your order instantly.

Fitting the tyres

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