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A Peep Into The History Of Pneumant Winter Tyres Manufacturer

Pneumant tyres are a German tyre manufacturing company. It started its adventure in the tyre manufacturing business as DEKA Pneumatik GmbH in 1922. This tyre company was the first to make synthetic rubber Buna in 1936. The company started to make a new production and warehouse building in Ketschendorf in Germany. The tubeless tyres were manufactured by this company in 1956. It now belongs to the Goodyear Dunlop group and has sold over 100 million tyres since 1959. The Pneumant winter tyres are offered with great European and Goodyear technology, very good brand strength, and in attractive sizes to meet the needs of all types of wheels. These ice tyres offer all the necessary features needed by a tyre to offer perfect grip, comfort and safety on the harsh winter conditions.

Pneumant winter tires

The Types Of Pneumant Winter Tyres For Sale

The Pneumant winter tyres are all modern-day winter tyres that are designed to meet the difficult winter conditions prevailing today. These are high performance winter tyres that are made using the right kind of soft rubber compound and also directional tread pattern and design to get better snow road grip and traction.

Pneumant ST2

  • These icy tyres have full silica tread compound on them and also have a V-shaped design. These tread patterns are arranged transversely to offer superior road handling during harsh winters and wet conditions.
  • The tyre treads are widened and hence the tyre offers improved road traction. You also enjoy shorter braking distances on snow.
  • The circumferential and wide tread grooves ensure that the water, slush, and the snow drain faster from the contact patch of the tyre.

The Advantages Of Using Pneumant Winter Tyres

The Pneumant winter tyres are right suited for all places where the weather gets very severe. These genuine tyres cope with all types of snow and ice on the road and work faster than the normal tyres. They will perform even if the temperatures are less than seven degrees. The stopping distances will be greatly reduced when you use them on winter roads. They are designed with a different tyre compound and tread pattern than the normal tyres and this ensures that the ice tyre has some extra grip on the snow filled roads. They are the right investment if you are living in areas where you are going to experience heavy rains, cold weather, or snowy conditions. Buy Pneumant snow tyres from Tyres-outlet.co.uk.