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Tyres in Sheffield

Drive on the Right Tyres in Sheffield

The busier roads outside of the congestion zone across England, Wales and Scotland are in poor condition and are getting worse. To avoid close shaves with cyclists or other cars while dodging potholes, among other things, it is advisable to have the proper tyres in Sheffiel and for the right season.

As you need good shoes or boots with a good grip on the soles, so does your car. Especially in winter. Therefore, it would be wise to drive on summer tyres from April to October and on winter from November till March. While summer tyres offer safety and better handling in wet conditions, winter tyres have a better grip on icy and slippery roads due to their design, which allows them the possibility to remain flexible in low temperatures. Also, you can opt for all-season tyres, which represent a compromise between winter and summer tyres.

Sheffield (53°23′01″N 1°28′01″W), also known as the Steel City is easily approached from the interchange 33 and lies directly beside Rotherham, alongside the M1 motorway. Via the M1 and M18, it is linked into the national motorway network. The city centre is connected to highways via the Sheffield Parkway.

The city has the third steepest residential street in England in the S6 postcode area - Blake Street, with a gradient of 16.6 degrees. Another interesting fact about Sheffield is that it contains around 4.5 million trees, which is according to the number of residents (more than 1.5 million) more greenery per person than any other European cities.

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