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PAT - 620328

PAT - 620328

Snow Chains PAT 12mm. TÜV-GS Tested (TÜV Austria)ÖNORM

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PAT - 620314

PAT - 620314

Snow Chains PAT 12mm. TÜV-GS Tested (TÜV Austria)ÖNORM

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DeltiGrip - 4718223

DeltiGrip - 4718223

DeltiGrip - Snow Chain Semi-Automatic

Our price only 60.31

Snow Chains for your Car

Basically, snow chains are otherwise known as tyre chains. They are considered as devices that used for and fitted to vehicle tyres to render superior traction especially when driving takes place on snowy and icy grounds and surfaces. A snow chain is practically attached to a drive wheel of your vehicle or a special system that deploys chains, causing it to swing automatically under your vehicle tyres.

How fast and how far can you go with Snow Chains on your car?

There are certain reasons why snow chains tend to fail and one of them is driving a vehicle too fast with chains. To avoid such failures, it is important to read the owner’s manual of your vehicle especially the part that talks about the use of snow chains. Generally, a vehicle with snowchains should be driven at a speed of thirty to fifty mile per hour maximum.

Common failures of Tyre Chains

The following are the most common failures that can be encountered when your vehicle comes with car snow chains:

  • Driving beyond the required maximum speed. Cars with snowchains should only run at a speed not more than fifty miles per hour.
  • Driving on dry roads for extended or prolonged periods of time.
  • The tyre chains weren’t tightly secured. Manuals often recommend tightening of the chains for the second time after running a short distance.
  • Adjusters or tensioners may be necessary. There are tyre chains with automatic tensioners and they tend to be damaged easily when tensioners aren’t used.
  • Installation of tyre chains on non-drive tyres.
  • Rapid acceleration that commonly causes stress on the chains.

On Buying Snow Chains in UK

Snow chains are very popular in places where snowy or icy roads are a common scene among drivers and motorists. If you are thinking about using these chains to enjoy the potential benefits and advantages they offer, it really helps to find a good source in the first place. Snow chains are now offered in different brands at different prices. And as far as quick and convenient way of shopping is what you want, feel free to shop for the best snow chains online.

Snow Chains at Tyre Outlet

Our shop offers a wide range of tyre selections and other related products like snow chains for cars. If you want the best snow chains for your car and the best price you’ll definitely love, feel free to visit us today.

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