Matador MP85 285/45 ZR19 111W XL with kerbing rib

Matador - Tire made in Europe with German technology

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Tyres: Summer tyresSo
Speed: W: this tyre is approved for speeds up to 168 mph/270 km/h certified !!
EAN: 4050496478322
Tyre label: Roll resistance E Wet grip C Noise emissions 75dB
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Tyre tread  MP 85 Hectorra 4x4 SUV UHP -  A new high-speed summer asymmetric tread for SUVE vehicles  - for the most demanding tyre segment – ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE. The asymmetric design of the tread offers optimal maneuverability and safety on wet and dry surface. The tyre is  designed for SUV vehicles, for  fast and safe drive in UHP segment with 100% paved/0% unpaved rating.

Road Ultra High Performance SUV tyre

  • Comfort and safety even at high speeds
  • Asymmetrical design of tread
  • Excellent handling and steering precision on dry and wet road surface
  • Modern design and innovative features to increase safety – “safety info”.

Outer section of the tread

  • wider tread blocks with narrow cross grooves improve safety in turns, especially in sporty drive conditions

Inner section of the tread

  • narrow tread blocks in combination with wider cross grooves with positive impact on performance and safety on wet road surface

Straight circumferential grooves

  • wide straight circumferential grooves enable quick removal of water from tread = maximum resistance to aquaplaning, excellent directional stability and maneuvering
  • different angles of the outer circumferential groove walls are designed to improve the rigidity of the tread thus increasing stability in all situations

System of lamellas

  • additional splitting of individual segments ensuring silent and comfortable drive

Full circumferential strip

  • greatly increasing the directional stability and its position in the outer zone increases the safety in turns

Enclosed shoulder blocks

  • enclosed shoulder blocks reinforce the shoulder part with positive impact on maneuverability = excellent stability in turns, dynamic driving properties, excellent handling
  • prevent turbulent streaming of water in circumferential grooves

Safety info

  • STOP indicator informing the driver about approaching end of tyre life
  • safety wear indicator, 3x circumferential indicator of the groove depth, informing the driver on current condition of the tyre tread, warning the driver to adjust the driving style to the condition of the tyre tread

Tyre label / Efficiency class

We sell new cars tyres which are not older than 2 years.

During this period, using the same item number, both labeled tyres (produced after 01.07.2012) and unlabeled tyres (produced before 01.07.2012) can be purchased from the manufacturer.

Tyres with the same item number, whether or not they are labeled, can be fitted on the same axle as they have the same efficiency class. Proof is available from the involved manufacturers.

The tyre efficiency class values are sent to us by the manufacturer along with the item number and the IP code. We forward the item number and these values to our customers regardless the manufacture date of the tyres excepting articles that are older than 2 years.


In this case, the following efficiency classes are valid: Roll resistance: E, Wet grip: C, Noise emissions: 75 dB.


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