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Davanti DX640 235/45 R19 99W XL

Davanti DX640 235/45 R19 99W XL

Tyre size
235/45 R19 99W XL 
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Type of Tyre:
Summer tyresSo
Speed Index:
W: Approved up to 168 mph
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EU Tyre Label:
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at the moment, this product is not in stock
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Davanti DX640

Dynamically designed passenger and SUV tyre for maximum grip and ultra high performance. Leading edge tread design coupled with an advanced silica compound for optimum performance and a responsive drive.

Tried and tested performance

The DX640 has outstanding wet grip ratings and low noise scores, regularly beating other performance brands in tyre tests. Optimal water dissipation is achieved through four longitudinal grooves and these are contained within substantial tread blocks for superior noise reduction.

Features and Benefits

The outer block pattern consists of two key elements, the solid rectangular inner blocks provide maximum grip when cornering, whilst the outer tapered deep sipe section provides drainage even as tread decreases throughout the useful life of the tyre.

The three main inner block sections consist of a 3D shaped pattern resulting in adaptable performance that is optimised as tread depth decreases throughout the life of the tyre.

The inner block sections dynamic design has the dual purpose of drainage and noise reduction with the added benefit of a wider circumferencial groove containing reservoirs to provide inner grip throughout corners.

EU Tyre Label and Efficiency Classes

EU Tyre Label and Efficiency Classes

The European Union has introduced the EU Tyre Label by Regulation (No. 1222/2009) identically and bindingly for all EU member states. It applies to passenger car tyres, light commercial vehicle tyres and heavy commercial vehicle tyres produced after 01.07.2012.

Three different areas are tested: rolling resistance, wet grip and the rolling noise the tyre makes on the road.

The following are not affected by the EU Tyre Label: retreaded tyres, professional off-road tyres, racing tyres, tyres with additional devices to improve traction such as spiked tyres, T-type emergency tyres, special tyres for fitting to vehicles first registered before 1 October 1990, tyres with a maximum authorised speed of 80 km/h, tyres for rims with a nominal diameter of 254 mm or less or 635 mm or more.

With this regulation, the European Union is pursuing the goal of promoting economic and ecological efficiency in road traffic as well as increasing road safety on the one hand, and on the other hand, granting consumers more product transparency and at the same time serving as an active decision-making aid.

Already during the incorporation, experts criticise the fact that the EU Tyre Label unfortunately only shows a few product characteristics. Apart from rolling resistance, wet grip and rolling noise, which are the main focus of EU tyre labelling, tyres have much more important and safety-relevant product characteristics, such as aquaplaning properties, driving stability, service life, braking properties on dry and wet roads, behaviour in wintry conditions, etc.

Tyre manufacturers point out that test results from various institutions and journals remain an important information medium for the end consumer. These tests usually focus on further safety-relevant product characteristics besides the EU standard qualifications for tyre labelling, which are always important for the final customer.

DX640 tyre review

Average based on 17 test results
Grip in dry conditions
Braking in dry conditions
Grip in wet conditions
Braking in wet conditions
Grip in snow
Driving comfort
Internal noise level
Tyre wear
Fuel consumption
Kilometers driven 9,124
15.06.2024 from Brandon
I'm quite an aggressive driver for want of a better phrase (I don't hang around) and have driven many cars on many different tyres including Bridgestone, toyo, advan, Goodyear, the list goes on. However, these davanti dx640 tyres are on another level, I live in the countryside in rural Norfolk UK, road conditions aren't the greatest even on dual carriageways but these tyres make driving a breeze. Traction under hard acceleration is extremely good, they hook up well and will barely spin up the wheels (my bmw 325i e92 is 225hp and spins most tyres you put on it) the same goes for hard acceleration in the wet, giving the driver a lot of confidence in the vehicle (especially rwd vehicles). Traction under hard cornering in the wet is probably the best I've had from any tyre I've ever used, very precise and the feed back is unreal, you can put the car exactly where you want it on the road and it seems this is possible even when you think it shouldn't be (wet slippery roundabouts are not a problem for this tyre even at speed). With that said, you can probably imagine the cornering capabilites of this tyre when being used in dry situations. Infact, it's hard to feel any real difference in its abilities between wet performance and dry performance. The fact I've also done 5000 miles (not km) barely using any tread is great and I have no idea how they can make a tyre that handles as well as this, gives feedback as well as this, even in the wet, yet doesn't burn through rubber? It's crazy! These tyres may also be the quietest tyres I've used, again surprising as usually for the performance of a tyre like this you get a fair amount of road noise. I'd go as far to say these davanti tyres act like a semi slick in the dry, act like a wet racing tyre in the wet giving massive amounts of confidence to the driver, yet sound and have the longevity of a premium brand tyre that would cost you more than double the price.
18.09.2023 from Thomas kirk
These tyres would appear to be made from cheese and not cheddar, the soft kind like Feta. The merest hint of a curb and large chunks fall off the side wall. I will have to replace the two front tyres after 6 months and 700 miles to get the car through MOT. The previous tyres were on the car 8 years so it’s not the drive, my wife who’s not a brilliant driver to be honest, but the previous tyres stuck around for 8 years so I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying Devanti tyres any time soon. Appalling bad tyres.
19.05.2019 from Chris
I judge these tyres as I find and not by what I paid as these were cheap cheap cheap and by no means does the tyre represent the cost however these are my rear tyre on rear wheel drive car and often on wet roads I find the back slipping under heavy acceleration did not get this with my vredestein tyres but they were 100 cheaper for the pair agreed if I wasn't so heavy footed I would be fine I certainly wouldn't and didn't fit to the front on replacement as I spent more on stayed with my usual vredestein tyres overall a decent tyre for everyday use but not if you like to punch the throttle..
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Brand Davanti
Model DX640
Dimension 235/45 R19 99W XL
Tyre width 235
Tyre profile 45
Construction type R
Tyre size 19
Tyre load index 99
Speed index (W)
With/Without Valve (TT/TL) Tyre requires tube
M/C No
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